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Uphosltery Cleaning

Keep valuable furniture protected and clean with upholstery cleaning from USAir Duct and Carpet Cleaning's experts in fabric and upholstery care.

Upholstery cleaners. Home furniture cleaning. Chair, sofa and rug steam cleaning experts Upholstery Cleaners

Furniture is an investment that can last for years, providing a comfortable place to relax and unwind while adding warmth and decoration to a home. We specialize in cleaning chairs, sofas, rugs or any type of furniture that is upholstered.

Lift stains with our upholstery stain removal Furniture Stain Removal

It's amazing what we find when cleaning upholstery. Furniture gets a lot of use. Families gather in the living room and eat in the dining room. Children climb on chairs and wipe their hands on the arms. Pets jump up on sofas and recliners, wiping paws and resting their mouths on the fabric. It's OK—furniture is meant for living! To keep furniture durable and looking great, you need to get the stains out before they set in for good. We can help! Our steam cleaning will clean deep and lift the dirt out, removing hard-set stains.

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